I am a fully qualified, fun, knowledgable and enthusiastic personal trainer. I offer truly personalised programmes with fun and informative PT sessions to get you to your goal and make you feel great.


After an indepth free consultation and therefore an understanding of what you want to acheive, i can use my experience to write you a programme tailored to your specific needs. Whether that be that youre just starting out on your fitness journey and need help and guidance , or a weightloss and toning goal , a strength and muscle building goal or simply just to move and feel better i can get you there !

If your goal is a weightloss one , nutrition will be vital. this can be a complicated mindfield when you start out, so i like to make it simple! My approach to this is not one where there are good and bad foods , but more of looking at your whole week and ensuring you have a sustainable and satisfying diet , eating healthily but also being able to live the life you want to live, and still able to get to your goal.


My background is in Sports massage therapy and therefore have an indepth knowledge of how to prevent the common injuries that occur through incorrect training techniques and day to day life postural aches and pains.

Sessions will be planned, fun , sweaty and will make you feel fantastic!

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Be a Better you - Level 3 personal Trainer 

FHT - Sports massage Therapist