Brit is a REPS Level 3 and pre and post-natal qualified personal trainer who has been featured in the likes of Women's Health and ELLE magazines as "SW London's fiercely and friendliest trainer". She believes workouts should be the perfect balance of fun and challenging, and she prides herself on supporting lifestyle transformations that are more than just skin deep. 

Brit's mission in life is to help people fall in love with exercise, learn to celebrate what their bodies are capable of and translate every hard-earned PB into inspiration for your goals and ambitions across all areas of your life. So when you add a weight plate to the squat bar, achieve your first pull-up or hold your longest-ever plank, you can take that renewed energy and sense of achievement and apply it to your career, your family, or your own self-confidence. 

Brit's sessions are tailored to you and holistic in nature, combining mobility, HIIT, weight training, TRX, Pilates and even yoga to achieve the most balanced workout for your body. Brit also runs 207's Weightlifting Circuits class at 8PM every Thursday. Numbers are limited to 6 people per class for a truly personal group exercise experience designed to teach elite strength training within a safe and empowering community.